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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 5-2-2012

Following are the preliminary meeting minutes from the May 2 FICRA Board Meeting as well as the May 1 Special Board Meeting.


May 2, 2012

Board Attendees:  Jim Braden, Jeff Goodwin, Patty Metzger, Mimi Miller, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Lynne Goodwin.

President Jim Braden opened the meeting at 7:30 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Minutes from April 5 Board meeting were approved as written.

President’s Report:

  • The new Project Test Form was presented as a “work in progress” to evaluate prospective projects.
  • The clean up of the oil spill is nearly completed. The Board needs to decide if we should dig any deeper.
  • The concept of a Consent Calendar was presented to streamline the approval of straight -forward decisions. In the future items of the Consent Calendar will be published on the website with a short explanation.
  • Thanks to Janice Minnick and Carolyn Braden’s great organization of the April 21 Clean -up.
  • Accomplishments in April: Landscaping Nichols Community Center, extension of parking along 9th Avenue, removal of glass and preparation for painting of the garage, clearing of blackberries and expansion of the playfield, removal of ‘widow-makers’ in woods.
  • The inclusivity that was the hallmark of the 2011 FICRA Board has been the key to the great volunteer participation and resulting accomplishments.
  • Focus on youth activities continues to be the primary effort for FICRA.

Treasure’s Report

  • FICRA Beginning Balance     $5051.33
  • Deposits                                     2095.78
  • Expenses                                      4016.92
  • FICRA New Balance               $ 3130.19
  • Money Market Beginning Balance  $20,756.12
  • Interest                                                           2.56
  • Money Market Ending Balance       $20,758.68

FICRA Trust Beginning Balance       $11,576.85

  • Donations                                                1234.00
  • Dividend                                                         1.48
  • FICRA Trust New Balance                $12,812.33


  • Current Family Memberships: 233


The complete treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes (not online).

Committee Reports:


  • Stan Weston reported that a canoe was stolen from a private dock.
  • Crime continues to be very low on Fox Island particularly compared to the rest of Pierce County.
  • Residents are encouraged to call 911 if they observe a crime, then to call CrimeWatch at 549-7744. Please leave your name and phone number.
  • There are no known dope houses on the island.

Building Committee

  • Carolyn Braden reported there were 43 volunteers at the clean up day on April 21.
  • FI Garden Tour will be May 19. Tickets are $15.
  • The garage is actually a historic building, so the building committee rejected Karen Craven’s proposal to paint a mural on the building’s siding with youth. Instead the committee suggested having the youth paint murals on canvas for the stage area that could be used as backdrops for different functions in the auditorium. Karen will put a proposal together for the canvas mural.
  • The garage appears to be salvageable, but the committee is investigating this. Currently we received $100/month for use of half of the storage space.

Social Activities

  • Karen Craven reported the committee meets the last Thursday of the month.
  • The planning for the Plant Sale is complete: volunteers from FICRA, FI Garden Club and the Sand and Soil Garden Club had been identified.  Many plants will be donated. Setup is Friday Friday  and Saturday morning and the plant sale will be Saturday May 5 from 12 to 2 pm.
  • A Ping Pong Tournament, targeted for youth, is set for May 11 at 7:00 pm.
  • The committee is looking into kickball on Sunday afternoons, an emergency preparedness plan, a track around the field and a dog event at the fair.

Nature Center

  • Phil Craven reported the committee meets for a work party the third Saturday of the month.  They have 100 volunteer hours to date in 2012.
  • Wild cherry and salmonberry are in bloom.
  • Our taxes on the Nature Center are very low thanks to John Ohlson getting the land classified as “open space” for tax purposes some years ago. Thanks, John!


  • There was no publicity report.


  • Jeff Goodwin reported the committee is continuing to pull together new ideas.

Special Committees:


  • Jim Braden reported cleaning up bylaws issues is progressing slowly.


  • Ray Kittelberger reported that the committee has defined its procedures and documentation. They will conduct the audit next week and have a report to the Board by the end of May.

New Business:

  • Tony Moore moved and Mimi Miller seconded that the Consent Calendar be approved.  Board unanimously approved.
  • Lynn Goodwin presented a new donation form, which will be available on the website. The new forms were given to each board member to get donations.
  • Lynn reported that Sue Spencer has contacted many local businesses for donations for the FICRA Fair raffle. Thank you, Sue!
  • The new Rental Agreement checklist and revised rental contract will be sent to the Board for review.
  • Hal Goodell briefly reported he had exchanged emails regarding a FI survey and had reviewed the survey that has been created online. They will meet soon to discuss. This is a work in progress.
  • The Board moved, seconded and approved to hire a professional band for the FICRA Fair for $500.
  • Applications for the FICRA $500 scholarship are due May 31. The winner will accept the scholarship at the FICRA Fair in August.

Meeting adjourned 9:07pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Metzger



MAY 1, 2012


Board Attendees:  Jim Braden, Patty Metzger, Mimi Miller, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Lynne Goodwin.

Other invitees/attendees:  Ray Kittelberger, Karen Craven, Philip Craven, Jean Peterson, Kalli Ostner, Stan Weston, Mike Gordon, Nan Feagin & Carolyn Braden

The Board brought this group together to consider the use of “consent calendar” for approving decisions in Regular Board meetings.  The consent calendar would be an accumulation of minor/non-controversial items the Board had considered between Regular Board meetings that would be approved en-mass at the meeting.  If, during the reading of the consent calendar in the meeting, any person on the Board is not comfortable with the approval of an item without further discussion, that item would be removed and added to the regular new business section of the agenda.  Public input will also be considered in pulling an item from the consent calendar.

The Board also talked about process in getting projects prioritized for completion this year.  This will be developed further in future meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Metzger/Jim Braden