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FICRA Building Trust Board Annual Meeting Minutes & Member Elections Results 4-5-2012

FICRA Building Trust Annual Meeting (preliminary minutes, 4-5-2012)

April 5, 2012

Called to order by President Tony Moore at 9:05 PM

Officers present: President – Tony Moore, Vice President – Tres Walker, Treasurer – Mimi Miller and Secretary – Jim Braden.

Secretary Braden read the minutes of the last Board meeting (Special Meeting on November 13, 2012).  Approved as read (Miller, Walker).

Treasurer Miller presented the financial statement which was accepted pending audit (attached).

President Moore presented the fact that the Board had amended the Bylaws to increase the Board count to 5 directors.

Old Business:

  1.  President Moore reviewed the work done on the insulation and heating system repair.  The heating system appears to be much more responsive and efficient.  No further money will be spent on that effort until another evaluation is done (have spent $2,343 of the $5,000 approved).
  2. President Moore reviewed the oil leak situation.  Government entities are staying involved.  There was a small amount of oil in two locations that were not pursued.  We are near the insurance limit of $25,000.  We will probably decide to put the cleanup effort to rest based on engineer Bob Bowser’s comfort that the government officials are not threatening further action, just leaving open the option for future review.  We do plan to put a fence around the oil tank in addition to the protective structure installed already.
  3. President Moore stated the NCC spruce-up planned phases have been completed and $1,300 spent on that in March, 2012.
  4. Vice President Walker reviewed the road access effort where he is working with Mr. Jurvik and Mr. Stiffle.  This effort will take time to resolve as neither party is in a hurry to work with us.
  5. Vice President Walker indicated that the oil tank fence will cost at least $350.  It will be a lattice cedar type.  The plan is to wait for good enough weather to paint the tank before installing the fence – probably July.

New Business:

  1. Bylaws:  Secretary Braden stated that the Trust property title effort will have to be completed before the Bylaws are completed.  The title effort is proceeding and should be competed soon.  Draft 3 of the Trust Bylaws has been circulated among the Board.  The FICRA Audit committee will be concentrating on separation of finances between FICRA and the Trust as a part of the Bylaws Committee’s effort.
  2. President Moore reviewed the basement water problem.  The next step is for Braden, Moore and Bob Bowser to get together to engineer a solution to arrest the water migration to the basement.
  3. Jean Peterson, FICRA Building Committee member, indicated that the landscaping in the front of NCC is nearly complete (the plants were donated) and at least $385 will be needed to complete that with river rock over landscape fabric next to the building to prevent mud splash-up onto the building.  The Board approved a motion (Miller/Walker) to provide $420 for the completion of the front landscaping.

At this time the meeting addressed the annual election process.  The nominees by the Board were presented: Tony Moore – President, Tres Walker – Vice President, Mimi Miller – Treasurer, Jim Braden – Secretary and Ray Kittelberger – Director.

President Moore made three calls for nominations from the floor for each position.  No nominations were made from the floor.  The members present voted unanimously for the motion (Braden/Miller) to elect the nominees by acclamation.

Motion (Miller/Braden) was passed to adjourn. (9:40 PM)

Respectfully submitted, Jim Braden, Secretary