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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 2-2-2012


FEBRUARY 2, 2012

All board members were present.

President Lynne Goodwin opened the meeting at 7:35 with the pledge of allegiance.

Lynne introduced Nick Capers, a senior at GHHS, who will be doing his senior project with FICRA.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read.  Jean explained that Cec Anderson was not able to serve on the nominating committee as read in the minutes.  The committee members are: Joan Broughton, Dave Harrington, Jean Peterson, Sue Spencer, and Judy Wilson.

Lynne gave the president’s report:

  • Thanked those involved in the successful Wine and Cheese Membership Drive and Fundraiser.
  • Thanked Carolyn Braden and her committee for the improvements in the hall and restrooms.
  • Thanked those who sponsored the historical photos in the hall, and all who put so much time and effort into the improvements, inside and out.
  • Thanked Girl Scout Troop 40145 of Gig Harbor for helping to clean up the grounds around the community center on Jan. 28  Lynne pointed out that incorrect information was posted online by a FICRA member about the FICRA board’s efforts directing the Scouts.  Lynne contacted the Girl Scouts directly and they were also surprised that this positive volunteer experience was marred by such negativity. FICRA welcomes volunteers to meet and plan projects together with FICRA volunteers that will benefit our community and provide a positive experience for all involved.
  • Asked for volunteers to head the Easter Egg Hunt and the FICRA Fair.

Treasurer’s report: (attached in secretary’s book)

Beginning balance:                            $2805.12

Deposits                                                   3888.22

Expenses                                                  2318.72

Ending balance                                                       $4374.62

Money Market                                      $22,060.98


Beginning balance           $4978.10

Deposits                                 9004.82

(donations, auction)

Expenses (spruce up)     1300.73

Ending balance                               $12,682.19

Membership:  2011 – 82; 2012 – 119

Mimi went over a budget for 2012 compared to actual expenses.  FICRA Flash is more because Judy Kanick used to run off the copies herself.

Lynne asked Tony to give a report on Georgia.

Committee reports:

Crime Watch:  Stan reported another light month.  There was a GPS stolen from a moored boat.

Activities:  Karen Craven asked for suggestions for changes and improvements to the fundraising event.

Upcoming events are:  Getting Foxy Spa Night fundraiser – Feb. 11

Magical Strings Fundraising concert on March 9, at 7:30.

Karen requested that if anyone has her easel.  It is suspected that it went home with the auctioned art work.  Karen presented Kalli with a ‘kitchen angle’ tool, for all her work in the NCC kitchen.

Nature Center:  Phil Craven reported that the meeting and work party were snowed out.  Signs of spring are showing in the Nature Center; a volunteer appreciation plate has been ordered for Srevan Koda; storm clearing and stream monitoring is going on.  Phil read a response to John Ohlson’s email regarding the Gig Harbor Girl Scout Troop working in the garden.  A copy is attached in the secretary’s book.

Publicity:  Kalli explained the publicity chairperson’s job which began in 1974. She is combating negativity with positive action, but she feels that social media has gotten out of hand and is destructive.  Those who have complaints should take them to the board directly.  Everyone on the island is welcome to state their opinions in a constructive way. Kalli’s comments are attached in the secretary’s book.

Bylaws:  Jim Braden presented the revised bylaws for the third time.  It was moved by Tony to accept the amendments to the bylaws.  All present had been confirmed paid members and were given written ballots to accept or reject the revised bylaws.  The ballots were gathered and counted by Jerry Knight, and Juanita Bjork served as observer.  The motion to accept the bylaws as revised passed 34 to 0.

Jim presented a resolution to move the ownership of the Nichols Community Center building from FICRA to the FICRA Building Trust which purchased the property.  This needs to be corrected to show that the FICRA Building Trust actually was the purchaser.  Tony read the resolution to change the ownership.   Max moved that the resolution be approved by the board and put before the members for a vote at the March annual meeting.  The motion was seconded and passed.   It was brought up that the Open Space agreement should be considered in this change of ownership. The Open Space agreement shows FICRA, not the Building Trust as the owner.

Jim and his committee will be working on the FICRA Trust Bylaws next.

Nominating committee:  Dave Harrington, elected chairman of the committee,  explained the process of selecting the nominees, announced the names of the proposed slate of officers for 2012-13, and read a brief introduction to each.

President – Jim Braden

Vice president – Jeff Goodwin

Secretary – Patty Metzger

Treasurer – Mimi Miller

Trustee (2 year term) – Max Ostner

Trustee (1 year term) – Tony Moore

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Peterson, Sec.