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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 12-1-2011


December 1, 2011

President Lynne Goodwin opened the meeting at 7:30 with the pledge.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read.

Lynne gave the president’s report:

  • Noted the spruce up of the NCC building for it’s 80th anniversary in 2014.  The painting of the halls and restroom is complete; more projects are to follow.  Contributions to the renovation are welcome.
  • Noted past events of the month: wildlife forum, astronomy night, art class by Karen Craven and her daughter, Leah.
  • Noted the Tree Lighting and Wickline concert on the 4th with Herm and Barbara Botnen as tree lighters.
  • Reported on her meeting with Stan Flemming who is interested in FICRA projects and possible funding for FICRA.

Treasurer’s report: (Complete report attached)

Checking beginning balance:  $2806.85

Deposits                                         3942.37

Expenses                                       5763.18

Ending balance                             $ 986.04

Money Market beginning             $29,051.51

Transfer to checking           2,000.00

Ending balance                            $27,055.09


Trust beginning                             $4198.07

Trust ending                                  $6399.84



Crime Watch:  Stan reported 2 outboard motors stolen.

Building:  Tony reported that the crawlspace and pipe insulation is about 70% complete.  With heavy rains, water is once again coming into the basement, even though the downspout repair is working.  The problem stems from the clay soil surrounding the building.

Activities:  Karen Craven reported that the art class was popular, and she had requests to use the building for regular art classes.  Karrie Avek is interested in having a kindergarten extension on Fridays, perhaps with activities for older kids and/or homework assistance.  We need to think of activities for next year and scheduling further in advance.  Lynne would like to get a panel together for another program on Emergency Preparedness with people recommended by Stan Flemming and addressing the problem of the bridge being unusable.

Nature Center:  Phillip Craven reported that the committee put in 24.5 person hours at the Nature Center with 191 for the year.  They meet on Dec. 17 with a work party on Dec. 21.  They have planted ferns; found 3 of the 4 corner survey markers; traced the creek; bought wood for the recognition board; met with Isabel Rankin for ‘stream team’ qualification to check for various substances in the stream water; and have requested a meeting with the Greater Peninsula Conservancy in January to talk about conservation easements on the Island.  They will continue identifying plants and animals in the NC, continue maintaining trails, and planning outreach and education programs.

Budget: Treasurer, Mimi Miller, has sent email to committee chairs to submit their budget requests for next year. Mimi is getting together with the budget committee next week and will post the budget on line. Members and committee chairs can comment.

Bylaws:  Jim Braden explained the reasons for the revisions. (These are included in the cover letter of the proposed bylaws).

* the present bylaws state that they should be reviewed every year or two.

* protect tax exempt status of FICRA and the Trust.

* Nature Center was added as a standing committee.

* the Finance committee was added.

* the Audit committee was made independent of the board for transparency.

* addresses the dates for payment of dues.

He explained that the committee had pro bono legal assistance from Emily Kelly with Morton McGoldrich Law Firm.  Adhering to the present bylaws, the revisions will be presented again and discussed at the January meeting.  There was discussion on amendment suggestions from the membership.  It is hoped that this will be accomplished at the January meeting and by online suggestions. The membership will vote on the bylaws at the February meeting.  Copies of the old bylaws and the proposed revised bylaws will be available on line and at the store, so all interested people can get copies to study.  There will be a posting on the bridge sign.  Much discussion followed about understanding the dues period, with the suggestion to issue membership cards that show the period covered.

Unfinished business:  Lynne explained that there has been a vacancy on the board since Maggie Flanagan resigned her two year term in June.  The bylaws state that the board can appoint a person to fill a position until the next election.  She introduced John Jollisbois and gave his background. John spoke briefly.  He was recommended by Dave McHugh. .  It was moved by Max, seconded and passed to appoint John Jollisbois to the vacant trustee position until the March election when the membership will elect a person for the remaining 1 year of the term.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Peterson, Sec.