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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 5-5-2011

MAY 5, 2011

All board members were present.

President Lynne Goodwin opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read in abbreviated form.

Lynne presented a plaque to John Ohlson in appreciation for his 11 years as FICRA president.

President’s report:  Lynne thanked Tom Purvis and Max Ostner for the parking lot improvements for which they donated equipment, time, and material (125 yards), for moving the boulders and chain back to allow access and a parking space at the ramp to the back door of the building, and John Avak for helping clean-up a downed tree and other work around the grounds.
She also thanked Sara Christ, Suzie Vendetti, and Cec Anderson for arranging recent successful activities, and reviewed what she has been doing representing FICRA.
She reviewed meeting norms.  Submit agenda requests on the Thursday night before meeting.
She requested that people come together to work for FICRA.  Keep communication open, develop leadership, use committees to help with projects and involve members and share ideas.

Treasurer’s report:
FICRA –  $ 53,006.72
Trust    –       1,725.65
Total   –   $ 54,732.37

Minus $2374.70 for month of March
21 new members for total of 252 (114 above ’10)

Crime Watch – $866.82

Question:  How much money is set aside for building?  None.  $12,844 is from insurance claims on the roof and oil spill.  The roof has been repaired, but we have a claim submitted as the insurance company requested, after completion of the work.  The oil spill problem is in process of being resolved with expenses for soil testing and possible removal in the future.  Other questions were asked about income and expenses and budgeted money for projects.  Basically, projects are not in the budget, regular income is from dues and rentals, which have been down, so we need some fundraising projects.

Guests:  Lynne introduced Jonathan Sousley of Fox Island, canoe coach of the Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Racing Team.  Jonathan presented three Fox Island residents who are competing internationally in the 18 years and under class:  Brice Paffile, who is the fastest canoeist in the country and will be competing in Germany this summer, Dustin Sousley, and Makenzie Sousley who will be competing against the Canadian team in Lake Placid in hopes of going on to Germany.  Jonathan explained the program and the need for funds to travel to the competition.  Abby Schofield offered space at the Plant Sale for a booth for fundraising, and Sue Delaney offered space at the Monthly Market.  Jonathan’s contact number:  549-7751.

Committee reports:

Crime Watch:  Stan Weston gave the Crime Watch report.  The many unoccupied, repossessed houses on the island are being vandalized.  The program is in need of more funding.

Building Committee:
Tony has one bid for wall and floor insulation: $7500.  He will get another.
The perimeter light problem requires the services of an electrician.  It would be nice to have a volunteer to help.

Mimi Miller reported on the last committee meeting where the first needs of the building were prioritized:  1)  water drainage problem – downspouts, water table 2) wall insulation and storm windows, and 3) evaluation of plumbing from the restrooms.  She stressed that the goal of the committee is to have the building in good repair in attractive condition by 2014 when it turns 80.  Minutes will be posted on the web site.

Grounds committee:  Abby Schofield spoke for the Fox Island Garden Club in offering to provide a replacement for the overgrown rhododendron to the south of the steps.  This lead to a discussion of timing for fixing the problem of water drainage from the gutters and the general water problem, and removing the rhody at the same time.  Tom Purvis spoke to the problems and suggested volunteers be lined up to help in the process.  It was brought up that doing the work in the wet season tells whether the process works or not.  Tony moved that Tom, Mimi, and Tony get together and decide what to do and get an estimate on cost. It was seconded and passed.  Tom will be the ‘go-to’ person on the project.

Plant Sale:  Hal Goddell spoke about the upcoming Plant Sale and requested help in setting up and lifting.

Social Activities:  Karen reported that Cec Anderson and Kathy Larson had 19 people at Game Night, Mommie and Me on Tuesdays, and the Men’s Coffee Hour are well attended.  Coming up: May, emergency preparedness and/or repeat of CPR class, August – astronomy with Terry Mace, and a possible beach walk.  Call Karen with ideas.

Karen requested that all committee heads meet to share information about what is going on.  Needed information:  rental guidelines, budget for activities, protocol for eFlash and bridge sign.  The activity committee would like to make the wine and cheese party an annual event.  Building rates are on the website with a calendar.

Publicity Committee:  Kalli Ostner’s duty is to keep people informed and attract volunteers.  She will be using the newly re-designed bulletin board in the NCC hall to be updated every 2 to 4 weeks.  She hopes to have a suggestion box next to the board.
•    Outdoor sign to be put out in front of the building.
•    Agenda will be posted at the store, web, and Facebook.
•    Newsletter to come out before FICRA fair.
•    Request for an historian to keep track of newsletters and photos (perhaps use the FI Historical Society).
•    Request for more communication through emails.

Fundraising:  More information needed on projects before we start raising money, and how much is needed.

Special Committees:

Bylaws:  Jim Braden reported that he still working on the relationship between the Building Trust and FICRA.  He will work up a document for the board’s review.  He his working with attorney, John Spencer.  John also is working on oil spill mediation.  Insurance will be covering the study of penetration of the oil which will take 2 to 3 months.  We will then know what needs to be done to the soil around the building.

Playground:  Max reported on recent improvements to the playground;  new chips, more sand, parts ordered for broken toy, and when PenMet grant comes in we’ll order a new toy.  Lynne has a lead for a better price on the Bumble Bee toy.  Lise asked about large rocks that need some smaller rocks to allow mower to go over them.

Nature Center:  Phil Craven reported on the ‘purpose and scope’ of the committee and asked for the input of the board.
•    problem of dealing with blackberries.
•    Review of purpose and scope as written by the committee.
•    Steiffle driveway situation.  Max has spoken to Mr. Steiffle and he agreed to talk to all on 8th Avenue and their banks about access.
•    Seeking ‘best management practices’ for the Center.
•    Open Space designation does not protect NC from selling in future years, whereas a Conservation Easement does protect the property no matter who owns it.  He requested membership and board think about this possibility.
•    The scout moratorium is to hold any construction until the roll of committee is defined.

Question about the model of Snake Lake for the NC.  Ed Burrough has attended a ‘stewardship’ program.  Another source would be the person who oversees wetland property restoration.  Possibly contact WSU master gardeners for suggestions.

Maggie requested a special meeting with board and committee to discuss the Nature Center.  Discussion on the document of the Purpose and Scope of the Nature Center Committee for the board to view and work on.  Suggestion to table decision on document, and have special meeting to discuss it.  Moved by Lise to appoint John Ohlson chair of the NC committee.  Question as to whether motions are allowed from the floor.  Question as to whether chairmen can be voted on in committees instead of appointed by president.   The board will arrange for a date for the meeting.

Scholarship:  Jean reported contacting GHHS and Bellermine and giving them information on where students can get applications for the scholarship.  It was suggested that other high schools be contacted: Annie Wright, Charles Wright, and Life Center.  She will follow through.  John will add a notice to the eFlash.  Next year it should be the student’s responsibility to apply for the scholarship.  Question as to whether the scholarship is based on need or award.

Lynne asked to start meetings a half-hour earlier.  Not all board members can be at meeting any earlier.

FICRA Fair:  Lynne asked for past practices on preparing for the fair.
•    Tee-shirt contest – info should be sent into eFlash and website. Need a month for printing.
•    Get word out for vendors.  Many sign up 2 or 3 weeks before fair.  Children’s booths are mostly Fox Island, but booths are open to all.
•    Church ladies want the same booth for cobblers.  They always have the same space.
•    Tony stressed that the usual vendors have the first right of refusal for their spots.
•    A chairman and committee are needed.

FICRA election and campaign:  Maggie is requesting ideas for election and campaign reform.  Staggering officer’s election, debates when necessary.  Bylaws committee will help take care of this.  She will be on bylaws committee.

Membership communication:  Lynne is requesting ideas on getting in touch with members since she has been denied the membership list.  John explained why the eFlash list is not available to anyone beside himself, since it is not actually a FICRA list.  It was suggested that Constant Contact program be used for FICRA communication. It was moved, seconded and passed to implement Constant Contact.  It was moved by Jean, and seconded that Lynne be given the membership list by Judy.  Passed.

Larry Clark proposed an update of the website to allow for a good source of income as well as using new more effective software for communication to be donated by the Clarks.  At present Larry owns URL and allows FICRA to use it.  John controls the content, but it belongs to FICRA.  The history of the relationship between Larry, John and FICRA was presented.  Larry can provide a platform so that anyone can put information on the website, plus produce revenue.  Much discussion ensued.  The board will have discussion and do research on the website subject.

Tony mentioned the Fox Island Garden Tour on May 14 that benefits FICRA, the Chapel and Museum.

John Ohlson requested an executive session of the board to be held immediately.  All board members agreed to stay.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Peterson